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Ani's Book Abyss 3 months ago
It gets better... or worse, depending on how you see it. If I remember it correctly. hehe The gross stuff, not the book. The book just gets better as a whole!
If you're at either of the two spots where I think you must be -- I almost stopped listening then (I had the audio). Ultimately I'm glad I didn't, but I also distinctly recall my need for huge amounts of brain bleach.
Moonlight Snow 3 months ago
Strike had just discovered the body of the victim. I am about 2/3 done and it is a ripping good mystery. I can't decide if I dislike Matthew, or just find him to be pathetic. I'm going to guess that the relationship with Robin doesn't go the distance. She's already outgrown him.
Hah. Now I'm even more curious what you're going to make of book 3. (FWIW, I liked Robin in book 2 as well -- a lot.)
Moonlight Snow 3 months ago
I won't be happy if she ends up in a relationship with Strike, though, because I don't think he's right for her at all.