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Darkest London indeed ...
BrokenTune 2 years ago
I really liked The Casual Vacancy in as much that I was really impressed by JK's ability to turn to a completely different type of story (from the HP series). I was worried she might be a "one trick pony" but TCV actually cured me of that. I also enjoyed TCV much more than the first Strike book (I didn't continue with the series after book 1).
Moonlight Reader 2 years ago
I didn't know you had read it - your recommendation is making me rethink my position!
BrokenTune 2 years ago
It was a tough and gut-wrenching read because it was quite real and a lot of characters were horrible. There is also a story of abuse in it. So, it was definitely a change from HP but she wrote it so very well. No surprise that the younger characters were the best. It was a bleak story ... definitely no fluff ... but I really appreciated ("enjoyed" would be the wrong word) the book.
Mike Finn 2 years ago
HP is one long story of abuse :-)

I think books two and four in this series are the best so far.

I like the idea of HP as one big mystery with magic.

I think the two series are also linked by Rowling’s understanding of and disdain for the English class system.