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Oooh! I like Frank Abbot! -- And I think Wentworth actually did come to mystery writing by way of romance ... I'd have to check whether she continued to write romance novels after she'd started on Miss Silver, but "Grey Mask" definitely wasn't her first book.
Moonlight Snow 2 months ago
I dug a little deeper, and you're right. I wonder what ever happened to her romance novels? I'd like to read one of them.
Moonlight Snow 2 months ago
Update - I actually googled "Patricia Wentworth romance" and The Fire Within popped up! It's only .99 cents on kindle, so I think I'll actually buy it and read it.
Yey -- another avenue to explore! Which reminds me ... I'm still on the fence about Christie's "Westmacott" books ...

Wikipedia lists Wentworth's books according to series or standalone (, and there are a couple of Wentworth's standalone books whose titles read almost like gothic romance or romantic suspense: "Seven Grey Stones" (aka "Outrageous Fortune"), "Kingdom Lost", "Nothing Venture", "Beggar's Choice", "Beneath the Hunter's Moon" ... all of them, published after she'd also started writing crime fiction. I wonder if any of them actually *are* gothic romance or romantic suspense?
Moonlight Snow 2 months ago
I read The Dower House last year, and it also read like gothic romance/romantic suspense to me. I really liked it a lot.
Moonlight Snow 2 months ago
If you're interested, I expanded on this review with some information on her romance novels on my newly revived (as of last week) All The Vintage Ladies blog, which is going to be my main focus for 2019. Link:
Thanks for sharing -- and oh yes, "A Marriage Under the Terror". I remember looking into that one as well when I first discovered Wentworth's "other than Miss Silver" books (still haven't read it yet, though).

I could have sworn I'd already been following you on All the Vintage Ladies, btw, but apparently not. Now remedied.
Moonlight Snow 2 months ago
That's OK - I haven't really done anything with it yet!
Really? It's looking pretty nice already ...
Moonlight Snow 2 months ago
That's all brand new in the last week! I'm pretty excited about my two new reading projects!
Two? "101 Dead Women" (which is a great list, btw) -- and ...?
Moonlight Snow 2 months ago
A century project with a book published every year between 1880 and 1980, all women authors. There will be significant overlap between the two projects, although I'm not going to double-count individual books, and I'm giving myself 5 years to complete them both.

I'm also closing down Bookish Pursuits, so I'll be republishing the posts that fit ATVL over on that blog and then letting the domain go.
Ah! I see -- this wasn't in the menu bar, so since that kick-a$$ "Woman reclining at desk" image under that particular header is currently showing as the "profile" image of every page I didn't clue in to it being a separate project.
Moonlight Snow 2 months ago
That image is a link to the project page. I did plan to add it to the menu bar as well, but forgot. It is a great image, isn't it!
It is! And I see the menu bar has been extended (stupid me had tried to click on the headline above the picture, but it never occurred to me to also try the picture itself ...:) ).

Where did you find it?