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BrokenTune 2 weeks ago
Even if this one is as *insert your choice of adjective here* as Branagh's Murder on the Orient Express (I really disliked it), it will probably get people reading the book, which is brilliant. I love Death on the Nile, too.
Moonlight Madness 2 weeks ago
The book is fabulous. I hope they keep Colonel Race in the adaptation! I always love it when he shows up. There are so many little elements of the story that are so good! I also really like Cornelia, and the subplot with the jewel thieves.
BrokenTune 2 weeks ago
Yes! To all of that Yes! But following my experience with MotOE, I have concerns. :(
Somehow I hear both of you ...
Obsidian Black Plague 2 weeks ago
Wow! I can't wait. This one had an ending I wish had been changed up though.
Books Eater 2 weeks ago
I love Agatha Christie's books so this sounds exciting. :)