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Tigus 3 months ago
coming out of my Cone of Silence briefly to do right, IMO, by Miss Silver. I suggest:

The Traveller Returns (aka She Came Back)
The Watersplash
The Brading Collection
Miss Silver Intervenes
Through The Wall
The Catherine-Wheel (may also appear as The Catherine Wheel)
The Benevent Treasure
The Arlington Inheritance
Moonlight Reader 3 months ago
I was hoping to get your perspective! Thanks! I will probably end up buying them all...
Tigus 3 months ago
I would even love to see you go right to something like The Gazebo, or Anna, Where Are You?, to see a potential alternate take on my 2-star assessments. Miss Silver, of course, always perks up even the weaker crime plots - but then, if you were to disagree and love The Gazebo's plot as well as just its starring detective...different strokes for different folks...
Moonlight Reader 3 months ago
Is The Summerhouse an alternative title for The Gazebo? Anna, Where Are You has an alternative title for US readers - Death at the Deep End. It has an intriguing summary.
Tigus 3 months ago
oops, yes, The Gazebo is also called The Summerhouse. and you've mentioned the other title for Anna, Where Are You?. added thought: y'know, it's fair for me to say that even with the ones like The Gazebo, or any other low ratings I gave to books in the series, they often were strong most of the way through...and then it's towards the end of the book that, for me, it starts to go downhill. I remember being quite happy with sinister night scenes out by the gazebo, uh, in The Gazebo, and being as wrapped in the intricacies as any one of the entries, and then towards the end, The Gazebo suddenly isn't as strong as, say, The Brading Collection. Wentworth is almost always entertaining and hypnotic to read with each and every chapter, and then - again, in the way I end up rating almost thirty of them - has all the effort led to something that deserves it. she's never horrible, but if all that great stuff leads to an underwhelming crux of the idea...yeah, I would compare how great her ideas could be in Latter End, in Watersplash, whatever. I certainly always look forward to trying another one, because her 2-star books, for me, seem like 4 star books most of the way through!
Hahaha, how could I possibly have anything to add to Tigus's list? :)

OK, at the risk that you've already read these:

Miss Silver Comes to Stay
Poison in the Pen

And I, too, will be taking note of Tigus's suggestions ...!
Moonlight Reader 3 months ago
I have read Poison in the Pen and liked it, although I thought Latter End was better, and I think The Clock Strikes Twelve is my favorite of all.
Oh, I absolutely agree -- Latter End is the one to beat (of those that I've read ... The Clock Strikes Twelve will be one of my holiday reads this year).
Moonlight Reader 3 months ago
I can't wait to see your review.
I guess that means I'll have to write one now! :D
Moonlight Reader 3 months ago
Hahaha. Well, at least PM me if you liked it! You can probably work it into the 24 Festive Tasks in some capacity or another!
Yes, I can ... thought of two possibilities already. (Ah, the unfair advantage of being in on all of the tasks ...)
Tigus 3 months ago
honorable mentions, and then I'm going back in my cave shortly:

Pilgrim's Rest
The Key
Moonlight Reader 3 months ago
Pilgrim's Rest looks good!
Tigus 3 months ago
Pilgrim's Rest was the first one I ever read! then, for some reason, I didn't get back to Miss Silver for many years...and then I came back to the series and read three or four that were all great or very good, and then thought "well, I guess I'll be reading most or all of these...".
Moonlight Reader 3 months ago
My first was Grey Mask. It's remarkable that I kept reading after that one - it's not very good at all, IMO.
Tigus 3 months ago
as I recall, there is a big gap in years between Grey Mask and the next book - and it was as if, when she committed to a series for the character by doing a second entry, the years had told her to reject much of what Grey Mask was, and change some key things, including mood, and Miss Silver's essential "hit", her characteristics. it's almost a "false start", as starts go. I think it should be read, as a curiosity-piece, but it is not representative of how the series really feels, and how good it can be. I also put on Never Say Never Again once in a while...because you do get Bond, in the midst of everything else being a bit "off". and Bond is a bit "off".