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Oooh! Currently sitting on my (digital) TBR:

Information Received
Crossword Mystery
Death of a Beauty Queen
Death Comes to Cambers
Dictator's Way
Comes a Stranger
Ten Star Clues

... and ...

Diabolic Candelabra!
Moonlight Reader 5 months ago
That title is glorious.
It is. :)

I just checked -- it's book 17 in the Bobby Owen series. I wonder if it makes a difference to the series not to read it in order?
Moonlight Reader 5 months ago
With the rare exception (Peter Wimsey) it doesn't usually seem to matter.
With Marsh, Wentworth and Heyer it matters, too (Marsh especially) -- but, yes, most of the Golden Age authors were more focused on the mysteries as such than on the backstory. Fingers crossed Punshon was one of those.
Moonlight Reader 5 months ago
I've been skipping around on Miss Silver, and it doesn't seem to impair my enjoyment. I haven't read enough Marsh to draw any conclusions, although I would very much like to read more & the tip is useful. I wish her books would go on sale!
Have a look out for the "3 novels in 1" Marsh sets -- they're not to be had for free, but a used copy will often be available for a price that essentially gives you 3 books for the price of one (or only a little more).

And, true, Wentworth's mysteries as such are essentially self-contained -- but there's a certain backstory continuity to some of the supporting characters, especially the policemen (and their careers and spouses). Also, Miss Silver's home undergoes changes as her circumstances change, especially as a consequence of WWII.
Moonlight Reader 5 months ago
I decided to buy a few of the books recommended by Tigus, and fill in my gaps through book 12.