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BrokenTune 3 months ago
Of the ones on your list, I still have to read Why Didn't They Ask Evans? and The Pale Horse.
"The Floating Admiral" is a bit of a curiosity -- like in many round robins, the different writing styles are hard to miss, and the fact that each author is essentially basing his contribution on his very own theory fo the crime doesn't necessarily help continuity. Still, it's a nice way of sampling the various contributing Detection Club members' writing.

Of the Christies you have left, I probably like "Sleeping Murder" best, followed by "Why Didn't They Ask Evans", "By the Pricking of My Thumbs", and "Nemesis". All of the latter have certain issues, but those take a backseat to a solid mystery.

"Destination Unknown" and "Postern of Fate" OTOH are in the league of "Passenger to Frankfurt" and "The Big Four".

"N or M" is best consumed by way of the (abridged) Samatha Bond audio. It's got all the book's key elements, and cuts out much of what I don't like about it (chiefly, Christie's ideas about the business of spying).

"Death Comes as the End" is basically a country house mystery transposed to Ancient Egypt -- it's OK, but probably mostly of interest because it's one of the first books deliberately written as a historical mystery (before that genre even existed).

"The Pale Horse," finally, isn't as awfull as "Destination Unknown", "The Postern of Fate" and "Passenger to Frankfurt" ... but it's not substantially better, either.

By and large, I'd say you've read almost all of the really good Christies ... those you have left are almost all strictly "completist" material!
Moonlight Reader 3 months ago
If I weren't intent on completing, I'd skip everything but Sleeping Murder and Why Didn't They Ask Evans. As it is, I'm finishing everything else first, keeping back something good to look forward to! I have a copy of Destination Unknown, and perhaps I will tackle that one next.
BrokenTune 3 months ago
Destination Unknown ... ugh!! Get some hard liquor in before you start.
Definitely. Not to be borne sober, that one.
Moonlight Reader 3 months ago
glug glug glug.