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Obsidian Blue 5 months ago
That's wonderful!
Moonlight Reader 5 months ago
My daughter is voting in Tennessee today and is working to turn that red state blue!
I wish we were a mail state. I think more people would do it. Trying to save our state one vote at a time.
Portable Mistletoe 5 months ago
I think so, too. I read that that only the age 50+ demographic consistently turnout to vote in force in Texas, so I have very little expectation that things are going to change here.
I noticed the older generations are a lot less willing to accept change. Even though things are bad, they keep doing the same things over and over. When I was younger, I was a Republican because it's what everyone in my family is. But now that I'm grown, I can look at things and make my own decisions. And even though I'm a registered lib, I tend to vote Democrat. My father can't stand it. Because "Democrats are heathens. When I ask why, he really only has one argument: you cannot be Democrat and Christian. Forget that actual people are involved, it's about what he grew up having beaten into his head. Even if Republicans are threatening to infringe on the rights of his own daughter, it doesn't matter.
Portable Mistletoe 5 months ago
My family is similar, but without the religion thing. The family has always liked the *idea* of Christianity more than the actual *practice* of it - you know, the whole churchgoing and worshipping and reading the bible thing. Anyway, voting Democrat is simply unthinkable to them, period. Like Trump said, he could murder someone in broad daylight, etc. I've always considered myself a moderate, somewhat to the right of center, but never registered with either party. I've always voted for members of either party, but this year I have been so disgusted by Trump and the party that has failed in it's duty to be a co-equal branch of government and hold him accountable that they've lost me completely.
Moonlight Reader 5 months ago
It's so ironic, Mallory, because looking at it from a different perspective, it would be equally possible to argue that you cannot be a Republican and a Christian. I've asked and I've asked and no one has ever been able to explain to me why they believe that unrestrained capitalism would be Christ's preferred economic paradigm, considering that the market economy literally didn't exist during his lifetime, and wouldn't exist for hundreds of years after his death.
Moonlight Snow, that is so true. My husband and I feel that Jesus wouldn't even be welcome in this country under Republican rule because he was poor, homeless and brown. He wouldn't be happy with the lack of live and care we show others that are poor and hungry either. Love thy neighbor only seems to be true for rich, straight white men.

Portable Mistletoe, that's how I usually am. I am a registered libertarian but I normally support both parties. Like John McCain or Gary Johnson. But this rampant racist trip backward in time made me vote straight Democrat this go around. My father hung a rebel flag in his window to "keep black folks off the lawn", and he never behaved this way until it was okay since Trump said so. I cannot, in good conscience, just sit by and let this happen since my son is growing up in this world. I don't want him thinking this is okay.