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BrokenTune 2 weeks ago
This is brilliant! I love all of the charities that you guys have picked.
Jennifer's Books 2 weeks ago
Thank you, MR. This is a wonderful charity. I am so very, very happy with all the charities that y'all picked.
Hol 2 weeks ago
Great choice of charity. Many thanks for choosing it.
I love what they are doing -- thanks for being the one to pick them this year!

And I just saw that GarbiƱe Muguruza and Emma Donoghue are among their fundraisers. Yey!
Moonlight Reader 2 weeks ago
I wanted something to complement the awesome charities that the cosponsors selected! And, in my searching, I've found my second charitable project for the year!
Even better!
Murder by Death 2 weeks ago
Yes! This is a great charity! :)
Emerjas 2 weeks ago
I love all the charity picks you guys did! There are some great ones out there!
What a great charity! Reading is so important - being in the classroom, I see children struggling every day and yet we push them through the system. Great pick!