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Re: Attitudes to working / studying women: I graduated from an all-girls high school in 1983, so there was never a question about my studying and choosing a profession (ditto many of my classmates), but I had boyfriends in whose families that sort of thing wasn't a given, not even with women who had university degrees (which were basically just seen as enhancing factors on the marriage market, and to be turned into bread-winning only to the extent as job and household didn't interfere with each other). Obviously my relationships with these guys didn't survive, but I remember repeated discussions with both them and their parents about what exactly a women's university degree was good for if she wasn't going to max out on the opportunities it provided. So if that's the attitude taken by a character otherwise portrayed as "likeable" in a book from the 1980s, it doesn't exactly surprise me -- in fact, I think by the 1980s, to a certain extent Western Europe just might have regressed behind the "wild '70s" again ... all the while telling itself it was "getting over all that extravagant nonsense."