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Hahaha, I love that cross reference to Poirot's Christmas. Either the Lees, or the Abernethies (from "After the Funeral")! :)
Moonlight Reader 2 weeks ago
Or the Angkatells or the Leonides.
Yes true ... the Angkatells in particular. :)
Moonlight Reader 2 weeks ago
I haven't reread The Hollow yet, but I think you are right.

Rereading The Clocks right now. Then I'm going to take a quick trip through Third Girl. I have so many thoughts that I think I could keep writing about Agatha Christie for the next five years!
I think that may be one of the reasons why I haven't gone anywhere near my long-planned blog post on Dame Agatha's final novels yet. Every time I start laying it out in my mind, the sheer magnitude of potential cross references and topics to cover makes my stomach turn and I decide "well, maybe not today ..."
Moonlight Reader 2 weeks ago

I've decided that I'm going to be doing this in small bites, because writing a coherent analysis would literally need to be a book length treatment, and I'm nowhere near qualified or interested in doing that. I just have things I want to say from the perspective of someone who loves Agatha Christie.

In other words, you'll be hearing my thoughts on Christie for a while...
Bring 'em on! :) (Maybe they'll even provide the necessary push for me to write my piece one day as well, after all ...)