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Wasn't this made into a TV series starring Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson (at the very beginning of their careers)?

The writing sounds interesting ...
Moonlight Reader 2 weeks ago
I just looked it up. Yes, it was.

And, btw, that casting is fairly brilliant.

The writing is interesting. It's fairly autobiographical, I think, and the author is writing about the beginning of WWII from the perspective of an English couple that is in Romania (Bucharest - spelled Rumania in the book). Guy is an academic, so he's not part of either the diplomatic corps or the military, and Harriet is his very new wife. The focus on what life was really like is interesting, because it's so mundane and change is sort of creeping. It's also really the story of a marriage. So, this book doesn't have sweeping changes or physical danger or lots of drama at this point - it reminds the reader that being alive during wartime is still a story of the way that the same activities occur day after day after day even while armies march.

I believe that the entire series is six books long - the first three are called "The Balkan Trilogy" and the next three are called "The Levant Trilogy."
Thank you! I think this just moved from the outer bounds of my focus to somewhere more central ...
BrokenTune 2 weeks ago
Oh, I'm so glad you liked the books, because I have the series lined up, too!
Moonlight Reader 2 weeks ago
I've only read 1/6 of the series, so I'm not really in a position to come to a real conclusion.

I did like the first one, though, although it's not a page turner.
@BT, in case you didn't see it: The audio versions of books 1-3 are narrated by Harriett Walter.
BrokenTune 2 weeks ago
@TA: Exactly! ;D

I'm pretty sure that is how they originally ended up on my list. Just need a good time to start the first book. I'll need to finish the Mann (Flucht in den Norden) first.

I just had a major "duh!" experience, btw. I knew I'd come across it during a major "Ken & Emma" phase, years (well, make that almost 2 decades) ago. Just checked my DVD rack ... guess what, I didn't merely discover it back then, I actually also bought the DVD. I think I know how I'll be spending the weekend ...
BrokenTune 2 weeks ago
Ha! At least, this is one of the better "duh!" moments! :D
Heh. True!
BrokenTune 2 weeks ago
Please let me know what the adaptation is like when you get to it. I'm intrigued. :)
Can't comment on the quality of the adaptation process as such since I haven't read the books yet -- the TV series, from what I remember, is fairly decent ... I really, really need to refresh my memory, though.
BrokenTune 2 weeks ago
It appears my library has the dvds. I'll put them on the wishlist for after I get to the books.

Sounds like we're in not only for a great story but also for a nice flashback to the days when Branagh still had to prove himself as an actor ... instead of trying to prove he can do just about anything.

Btw, have you seen the previews for "All Is True"?
BrokenTune 2 weeks ago
No, I haven't but we're going to see it on Sat.
Enjoy! (I hope ...) Frankly, I'm more looking forward to Judi Dench as Anne than to Branagh as Will!
BrokenTune 2 weeks ago
Oh, I really don't care about Branagh. I'm going for Dench & McKellen. There is no way Branagh will top Mitchell (Upstart Crow) as a funny, yet thoughtful, Will.
Nope. Though I am glad he is getting back to what he does better than Poirot ...!
BrokenTune 2 weeks ago
Let's all just forget about that. ;)
Hahaha, amen to that ...