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Kaethe 1 week ago
There's a quote that pulls me in. I've never read any Thirkell before, but I can see I'll have to change that.
Kaethe 1 week ago
I love the modern world: the library is putting a copy on hold at my local, and Amazon is selling the kindle version of Christmas at High Rising for 99 cents. Total nearly instant gratification!
Moonlight Reader 1 week ago
It's so true! The internet has a dark side, but what it has done for bookish folk is amazing!
There is a Christmas book, too? I think I'm starting my Christmas reading list early this year ...
BrokenTune 1 week ago
Ok, I need to check out Thirkell.
Lillelara 1 week ago
All I can remember about this book is that I liked Laura and I was massivly annoyed by Tony. I´m glad that I don´t have a kid like that.
Moonlight Reader 7 days ago
Tony is super irritating.
* Virtual fist pumps to Laura *

And onto my TBR it goes.