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Enjoy! Of the later adaptations, these two ("The Clocks" and "Mrs. McGinty's Dead") are definitely among the best.
Moonlight Reader 6 days ago
They lifted the scene between Robin Upward and Ariadne Oliver about Sven Hjerson not liking women straight from the book and it made me chortle. it was brilliant.
Yes, I'm glad they left that one, too. They omitted quite a bit of the novel's contents, but fortunately they left in virtually all of the "colorful" bits (also about Poirot's lodgings).
Moonlight Reader 6 days ago
You know what's crazy? I don't think I have ever watched the adaptation of The Mysterious Affair at Styles! I need to remedy that ASAP.
OMG, yes. You do!

“Another example of the English bucolic beliefs: anagallis arvensis. In English: the scarlet pimpernel. It is believed that when this flower is opened, it is a sign of a prolonged spell of the fine weather. It is seldom seen open in this country …”
That was a great series!
The gold star of Christie adaptations.
Moonlight Reader 5 days ago
OMG, yes. I watch them over and over. Serious comfort watches for me - on par with Harry Potter.
Absolutely. In the earlier ones especially, there are entire scenes I can mouth along -- I've watched them often enough to know them by heart.
Moonlight Reader 5 days ago
David Suchet is wonderful. Just wonderful. I hope they gave him all the money.
Moonlight Reader 5 days ago
He just said "and here I will not beat around the shrubbery...." which made me laugh. So delightful.
On a recent plane or train journey, they were showing the latest version of Orient Express, with Branagh as Poirot. And I just thought "nah, it's not Suchet."
BrokenTune 5 days ago
*shudders* Branagh...
Moonlight Reader 5 days ago
I have moved onto Cat Among The Pigeons because Harriet Walter.
You really are picking the best of the more recent adaptations!
BrokenTune 5 days ago
I love that one, too.
Moonlight Reader 4 days ago
All three of them were wonderful.