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Hah -- I was going to say, that premise sounds familiar ... No wonder, I've read it under the title "The Traveller Returns". It does take quite a while to get going, but when it finally did, it ended up being one of my favorite Miss Silver novels.
Moonlight Murder 7 months ago
I think that Tigus liked it, too. I'm really enjoying it.
I really liked the way she started this one -- she draws you in on Anne's side right away. Clever move.
Tigus 7 months ago
my Spy novel obsession was in full bloom, when I decided to try my second Miss Silver novel after reading Pilgrim's Rest seven or eight years earlier (more?). I was looking for a new series, something Cozy and not too violent and with many books to get lost in if things went well - and there were all these Hodder & Stoughton editions on the shelves at a huge local bookstore. very tempting, but which one to pick. I liked the cover of The Traveller Returns/She Came back, and of course the Espionage-related premise seemed like a cool alternative to Pilgrim's Rest and its more traditional "Golden Age" set-up. I actually selected, by chance, three of my favorite Miss Silver books in a row, in my early days of returning to the series: this one, followed by Miss Silver Intervenes/Miss Silver Deals With Death (which seems to be more of a 3 or 3.5 star-rated book for others sampling it), and Latter End.

yes, it can be a bit disappointing how little Miss Silver appears in a few of her own books...and she can be frustratingly slow in making her first appearance. if one were to rate solely on that, some of the best ones would get big demerit points...but I let go of that concern, if the story was terrific enough, and in others she is much more prevalent. very daring of an author to under-use their star character in a book - she gets away with it so many times!
Moonlight Murder 7 months ago
Christie frequently did the same thing with Poirot - he doesn't show up until 34% in Murder in Mesopotamia, and much later than that in both Appointment with Death and Cat Among the Pigeons, if my memory serves.

I don't mind the late entry so long as the series detective doesn't swan in at 85%, pronounce the solution using information that has been hidden from the reader and then take a bow, which is what happened in the only Carolyn Wells mystery I've read.