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I'm a weenie when it comes to horror films, so I'll stick to the book version. :D
Abandoned by user 5 years ago
Ah, but it need not be horror! Mystery, suspense/thriller and supernatural books would also qualify. So, for example, you could read And There Were None and watch the excellent BBC adaptation! Or you could read one of the Harry Potter books and watch the movie!
Oh, good idea! Maybe I'll go back to some Suchet for a Poirot fix.
Abandoned by user 5 years ago
Always a great idea! And, might I suggest that Hallowe'en Party would be an appropriately seasonal choice? ;)
Portable Magic 5 years ago
If you like something with supernatural elements, but with humor instead of horror, try Good Omens. I just finished binge-watching the new TV adaptation on Amazon Prime.
Linda Hilton 5 years ago
A few of the non-horror films and books that came to my mind when I first thought of it --
The Witches of Eastwick
Practical Magic
Shoeless Joe/Field of Dreams
Conjure Wife/Night of the Eagle aka Burn Witch Burn
Murder on the Orient Express

And if the Harry Potter books qualify, then I suppose Lord of the Rings does, too.
Practical Magic is sooo good! I actually haven't read the novel, but loved the film. So that would be a fun read/rewatch!
Linda Hilton 5 years ago
I loved the movie, too! The book is nothing like the movie at all. Totally, totally different. One of those cases where, for me at least, the movie was far better. But you may feel different about it.

My review of the book, with some spoilers, from Halloween Bingo 2017 --
Now I'm really intrigued! I'll put that one on my list for sure.
Oooh! I love this.
Hol 5 years ago
Great new space.
5 years ago
Oooh, I've got Witches of Eastwick in my A folder!
I LOVE this! Thanks for the brilliant addition, Linda and Moonlight!
Jennifer's Books 5 years ago
I love this one!
Portable Magic 5 years ago
Now this is going to be fun. I think I'll take a contrary approach to my usual, and pick a movie first, then read the book.
Portable Magic 5 years ago
Hang on, I just realized that I picked up a new book at the Audible $5 sale this weekend that might fit. Would "Deliverance" by James Dickey be a fit? I'd have considered it Suspense, but 4th top shelf at Goodreads is Horror.