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2 years ago
Yay! That's a 6th Bingo!
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2 years ago
Thank you! Just one square left for calls, but 3 books still to finish. I don't think I'll manage all of them before time's up.
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Good job. That's a TON of books read!
Congrats, Lora!
Mike Finn 2 years ago
Aaargh! I have one square to go but It's been so long since I had a square called that I'm resigning myself to it not happening until Halloween.
That's the way it goes! :)

Same here (ages since II had a call for my official bingo card) -- in fact, the funny thing is that I have only one more square to go for a "full" blackout (all squares read AND called) on my self-created, unofficial supplemental card, but two on my official card, so I may actually "black out" my supplemental reads before my official card for this year.

(This was, however, also why -- once I realized an early reading blackout was becoming an option -- I put all my emphasis on that, as the order of the squares we're reading for and our reading speed are the only things that we as participants really have any control over and can achieve on our own, all other conditions being favorable.)