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I've finished two and neither of them show up on my challenge as finished.
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2 years ago
Check out the bug thread, someone posted a work around there.
2 years ago
LOL not from someone that works at BL. Here's a link:
*Edited to add: this looks like a workaround for 2019 read dates, but perhaps it will work for 2020 as well.*
It's for this year -- same as I posted below.

"Shelf Settings" (the little round icon in the menu next to the 25-50-75 book display number drop-down selection above your bookshelves in admin view
>> "Shelf table view - visible columns": check "private note"

Then add the finishing date as a private note on the popup screen where you'd ordinarily set your finishing date.

It's not perfect and as long as the "read date" functionality isn't restored, sorting by read date obviously doesn't work, either (nor, as MR noted, does the reading challenge). But at least it's a way of *displaying* the finishing date in your bookshelf table.

As I said in the "bug reports" thread, I already asked BL via Facebook that somebody look into this. No idea whether that's going to help, but in the past it occasionally has.
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So, if I'm understanding this right, even the work around won't fix the challenge problem?
It "fixes", or at least provides a workaround for the display on your bookshelf page (in admin mode). It's not a fix for the date functionality as such, because that requires fixing the system itself -- which is obviously something BL or their external service company need to do.

But at least it allows you to *record* your finishing date and see it on your shelf / admin page (and wherever else private notes are visible).
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Thanks - and that's disappointing. :(
Not the "notes" drop down menu -- the "settings" menu for your bookshelves. Of course you shouldn't delete all the other categories you'd checked off (author, title, etc.) -- just add a check mark next to the field "private note" ...
So should we not do challenges?
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At least at this point, the book page isn't accepting "read" dates that are after 12/31/2019. If they fix the bug quickly, the challenge may be salvageable. I am still on GR, so I will use their challenge function for now.
That's what I am doing. Doing the private note thing as suggested so at least I can look back to when I finished the book. Grr Booklikes. Thanks per usual ya'll for a work around!
Yes I am also