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I am fighting it. I almost said what does this matter this morning and was contemplating shutting down my accounts for the summer.
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I feel so much the same way, OB.
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And I feel guilty, because I just want to hibernate.
I know. I did yesterday. I just could not read. I participated in a town hall which helped me though. Made myself get up and go for my daily morning walk.
Maybe we should call it "the Corona slump". I think many of us are feeling like that at the moment. Or "the Corona and racism slump" ...
2 years ago
Maybe a Trump slump?
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I think I would probably call it the "The World Is Burning" slump. Corona was bad enough, and now the U.S. is in the midst of massive and justified civil unrest, the President is a racist who wants to use the military against his citizens, and people's lives are falling apart.
I like "Trump slump" -- though "the world is burning" is pretty much it, in substance ... :(
Apocalypse seems fitting at this point.
A Man With An Agenda 2 years ago
Its hard right now, a break isn't always a bad thing, but maybe an old favorite will break the ice?
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I feel guilty for my desire to just hibernate.
You shouldn't. Just hang out and don't force a book if you are not feeling it.
Minus the work thing - same. I thought I'd be better once my kids were all done with school. Apparently it wasn't their school work that was the problem.
Mike Finn 2 years ago
I feel the same way. I'm reading only for distraction. I'm struggling to write reviews even for books I really liked.

Two things keep coming back to me: Avicci's 'Wake Me Up When It's All Over' - which is not a fun song, even less so since the guy suicided - and the German word Weltschmerz which literally translates as World Pain or Ache.

I'd grown used to thinking of myself as having a sort of arms-length relationship to the world. It turns out that distance vanishes in times like these.

BL is one of the few places I can come to that seems sane, even though we're all feeling the changes.

2 years ago
I agree BL feels like a safe place.
Elentarri's Book Blog 2 years ago
You are not alone.
Elentarri's Book Blog 2 years ago
BTW: Try adding this news site to your collection of sites when you news troll
2 years ago
I think we are all struggling these days. I'm learning to just do what is necessary each day and let the rest of the time sort itself out. I'm rereading a lot of old faithfuls and spending much more than usual on both books and groceries. Both are comforting. Be kind to yourselves, my friends.
Jennifer's Books 2 years ago
I feel the same way, MR. *hugs*