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Yeah, is one strange novel. It got 3 stars from me, almost entirely for the quality of Fitzgerald's writing.
Moonlight Reader 5 years ago
He can definitely write. I just hated every single character in this novel. Even poor Nicole wore me out by the end of the book. I started referring to it by an alternative title "the particular sadness of the one percenter" in my head.
Kaethe 5 years ago
I prefer his short stories to his novels. I never got the feeling that he liked his characters, either.
I've only read Gatsby, and I don't get the hype for that one.
Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
"a two day dust storm" — two days my ass; that was a blip in the midst of a decade of Black Blizzard that even eventually dusted the Capitol on the east coast. There's an interesting tv documentary miniseries entitled "Black Blizzard" that totally creeped me out by being unexpectantly poignant andgetting the actual impact across; and some intriguing books if you search bookseller sites for "black blizzard."
Moonlight Reader 5 years ago
Yep - I just mentioned that specific dust storm because it was in close proximity to the final release of the book.
BrokenTune 5 years ago
Ha! And I thought I was alone in hating FSF's characters?! This is the last one of his novels that is on my tbr pile and the only reason I still want to read it is because Geoff Dyer reflected on a passage of Tender is the Night in his book (The Missing of the Somme).