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4 years ago
He was JUST in the news last week saying how this book hurt his NFL career. I though that was interesting. The movie was great, I should check out the book. Great review! :)
The movie is very good. I probably need to read the book.
Carissa Green Reads 4 years ago
I didn't realize Michael Lewis wrote this book. I thought "Moneyball" was excellent, so that makes me want to read it more. If I ever decide I want to see the movie, I'll read it for sure.
The Butler Did It 4 years ago
I wonder why it hurt his NFL career. Maybe it made the expectations for him unrealistically high. Michael Lewis is a very enjoyable writing style. I should try "Moneyball."
4 years ago
You nailed it, he said he felt he was under a microscope because of the movie, every mistake he made or things he did were blown out of proportion. I really liked Moneyball the movie - I need to read these books. :)