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Debbie's Spurts 9 years ago
Thank you! I'm flabbergasted at how much info they want on people.
Debbie's Spurts 9 years ago
I don't really have any big issues about linking strictly social sites where I don't have to even use a real name despite some risks with the data malevolent parties can glean. But, to link one or more sites daisy-chained to an account where my real shipping address and credit card information -- no thanks.

You'd be surprised at what the unscrupulous can pull just from the data in an uploaded cell phone photo (location, date/time stamp, etc.). I get nervous for other friends on facebook, booklikes, etc. who post out holiday plans and wether or not they are home for the holidays; that's just not information you want everyone to have.
I totally agree! I don't post any information like that - and only mention vacations AFTER I've returned. It's just not smart.
1984 9 years ago
Thank you, this is a great article. I'm overwhelmed at the response. I'm glad people are finally starting to take such matters more seriously in a prime where privacy and online rights are in such hot debate.
No, thank you for giving people a place where this kind of information can be found.
KindleRomance 9 years ago
I really enjoyed this article. I want to follow the blog, but I don't see that option. There's a lot of great information here. Thank you so much!
@KindleRomance - If you got to the bottom of the blog at the right hand side is a little button that says "toggle footer." If you click that and scroll down a bit you can follow via email.
KindleRomance 9 years ago
Got it! Thanks!!