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bookaneer 5 years ago
Lovely review. C.S. Lewis was truly a great man.
Thank you!

Have you ever read his Space Trilogy? That's really good, too!
bookaneer 5 years ago
Perelandra(sp?) I did, a long, long time ago. I don't remember it well...maybe I should reread it at some point.
Yes! That's the one (well, one of them)! I thought the first one was the slowest of the 3 but I enjoyed them all.

I read somewhere that when they were written it was considered Sci-F but after we got to Mars it [the genre] was changed to Fantasy.
Sandi 5 years ago
I read all of these, and loved all of them, but my absolute favorite Is The Screwtape Letters. Lewis could do tongue in cheek like no other!
You know, I never read the Screwtape Letters for some reason. I should add it to my TBR.