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Reviews in Chalk 3 years ago
Oh my God...
I read about this the other day.
Not the pleading guilty part, but the case itself.
Reviews in Chalk 3 years ago
I remember a few months ago a new writer got really mad at a reviewer in GR, because her review was pretty negative. He said she was ruining his career and commanded her to delete the review. She answered in a very polite manner, giving him more supporting arguments for her review. He started a cascade of such aggressive comments, even when many members, and other authors exhorted him to stop. He just couldn't stop. Even after a few hours. GR decided to delete all his messages and banned him. His book turned from have only a few reviews to have hundreds of one star reviews. HE ruined his career. I remember reading his comments and couldn't believe such a primitive reaction!
Reviews in Chalk 3 years ago
I found a record of the case I was commenting. As I said is not possible to find it in GR anymore, because the author is banned, but someone archived the tread:
Michelle's corner 3 years ago
I think you've described the author's numbskullery to the point where I don't need to follow the link. My boss brings enough negativity in to my life :-) (ie. more work!)