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Mammarella 5 years ago
I do love the cover. Very unusual. I am not sure about KAM books, I only read one story, but it left me ...unsettled - lol
That is definitely how you will feel with this book. Unsettled is a good descriptive word. This was my first attempt and will most likely not try again. I LOVED the theory, loved the back drop, love the kink - I basically really really wanted this to work. When it didn't, I was really sad! It could be that I am just so tired of liar liarsons who do it under the guise of subterfuge and hiding facts, but this was taking forEVER and it just did not have a good flow and really I know it is bad when I basically want to throw them all off the pier, even the guy in a wheel chair.
Mammarella 5 years ago
Even the wheelchair guy? That didn't sound good at all O.o lol
One thing I have to admit, I found no fault with her writing. But it's not how she writes, it's what she writes about. I am staying away from her books, definitely not my slice of pie.
Exactly…although one felt a bit disjointed and choppy, still I agree, the writing was not overall the issue. And you know me, I read all kinds and enjoy it. This just did not do it for me.
Mammarella 5 years ago
I read her "In His Shoes" (Love Has No Boundaries) and didn't notice anything choppy or disjointed at all. Maybe because I was in the state of almost shock? Or it could be that this particular piece was indeed done well? I would never know, because I am not brave enough to read it again.