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NerdyNatasha Musings 5 years ago
I have now added visiting the most stunning libraries and bookstores of the world. Some of these posted and others I have come across on the internet, in my opinion, should be added to the list of the greatest Wonders of the World. I miss the value and worth that these book safe houses used to hold. Now in the US particularly, they are closing, some are lucky enough to convert into digital locations, selling out renting e-books, and selling the last of their physical books. At one point in my generation bookstores were like bars, a location to buy a drink, coffee or tea, socialize, and meet new people or scope out projective dates. Those were the good old days. Perhaps I'm my travels to these fantastical locations of libraries and bookstores I shall come across a need just like me and another fairy tale will have veered in the right path to one day be picked off the shelf and read by another