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Bookish thoughts!!! 12 months ago
How is reading 27 books not 'many books'. Man, I wish I had a bad reading month like this LOL
JL's Bibliomania 12 months ago
Indeed! (Says the person averaging 6 books a month)
Obsidian Blue 12 months ago
LOL. It didn't feel like that many to me at the time I guess. Probably because I had some duds and was happy to be done with them.
BrokenTune 12 months ago
Is it just me or does it just look "wrong" somehow to see the books of Roxane Gay and EL James next to each other? :D
Irresponsible Reader 12 months ago
I'm with ya, BT. Of course, I'd pretty much say that to "________ and EL James" :)
Obsidian Blue 12 months ago
Yeah, I feel bad about that now. Ugh, E.L. James.