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Obsidian Blue 3 months ago
Damn it! I don't think this helped me :-(
Tannat 3 months ago
lol it helped me! C'mon, Doomsday! [If Doomsday gets called, once I finish my Creepy Carnival Read I'll have a bingo. IF it gets called.]
Obsidian Blue 3 months ago
Well at this point I can get bingo if Darkest London or 13 gets called. I maybe flipped my own self off this morning :-D
Yaaaaay!!! I've read this one!!!!
Obsidian Blue 3 months ago
Well, this sure helped me decide what my next read is going to be ... :) (Second option with 4 squares both read and called!)
Obsidian Blue 3 months ago
Oh good. I don't remember it ever being this long with no bingo called yet. Apparently we did really good picking squares :-D
I bet there will be a flood of bingos once the first one has rolled around.