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Ok, I'm sold. Looks like it comes out on 3 March, but amazon only lists a paperback edition here in the UK :/
bookaneer 4 years ago
There's also a giveaway for it on GR:
D'oh! I thought about it but
1) It's a physical copy
2) I'm not sure I want Amazon to be able to tie my GR account to my AZN account via my address. I'm not a privacy paranoiac as much as a "F*#&# the Man and his consumer tracking" sort of guy

I'll be back in the states later this year, I'll get it then.
bookaneer 4 years ago
Hah, good reasoning, and I am a bit privacy-paranoid myself. I'm pseudoanonymous here (no, Carly is not my given name, though it is a valid if unusual diminutive of my middle name) and plan to remain that way. I just generally figure that Amazon already knows who I am, because I used the same email for both accounts at one point.
But long story short, I get where you're coming from.
Degrees of Affection 4 years ago
You had me at portal gun! I'll definitely have to read this. Great review!
bookaneer 4 years ago
I know, right? It was just a ton of fun. I missed basically every other game reference, and there are a lot of them, but I thought the book functioned just fine with generic game stuff. I just absolutely adored the bureaucromancy.
Thanks for the review. Will definitely read this.