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It's been on my TBR pile for ages...Maybe now is the time...
bookaneer 4 years ago
Wait till you're in the mood to be very, very confused for about 50 pages or so.
And for chapter names like "The Detective and the Chocolate Dress" or "The Thief and the Second First Date." (It alternates between "thief" and "detective" and manages to be both wild scifi and a great little Victorian detective story pastiche. Yummy.
Degrees of Affection 4 years ago
I'll definitely be taking another look at this. Great review!
bookaneer 4 years ago
I'll probably miss all the references to Mr. Lupin, as I'm not familiar with that character at all. But I had to pick up a copy anyways.
bookaneer 4 years ago
I suspect it's more fun with Lupin, and he's in the public domain :)
My absolute favourite story is actually the first--"The Arrest of Arsene Lupin."
It is also, I suspect, the short-story that had the most influence on Quantum Thief.