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Another one to my TBR Pile. Wonderful review.
Yeah, I'm going to preorder this.
bookaneer 4 years ago
I'm looking forward to your review. Thinking back on it with respect to your usual stat collection, I think only one of the 14 stories passes the Bechdel test.
It's interesting to me that women could publish as women--less than half had male pseudonyms--as long as they wrote about and from the perspective of men.
I look at stats like that not so much as interesting in and of themselves - we know the western world was (and sometimes still is) violently sexist. I like to look at the examples of people who were able to fight there way through the BS and make themselves heard, and I try to listen to what they were saying through the disguises and self-editing necessary to get published. I've got it downloaded, so hopefully I'll get started on it sooner rather than later.