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Hmmm. I tried to enter but the link takes you to old contest. I really want to enter!
Parajunkee 4 years ago
Parajunkee 4 years ago
I fixed it...
Thanks, Just entered!!!
Moonlight Reader 4 years ago
I want! I hope it worked for me. :)
Parajunkee 4 years ago
It was just the button. It is working now! Thanks.
Moonlight Reader 4 years ago
I checked it & can see that I'm entered!
Everytime I reblog these giveaways I get a million update emails...LOL I wish that we're true for everything else I post! :D
Tried to enter, it kept bringing me back to the top of this page.

ETA: I don't do twitter or facebook, if that is the issue.
Parajunkee 4 years ago
The rafflecopter widget isn't working?? You should be able to do the main entry - you don't have to do any Facebook or Twitter... you have to go to the actual blog page, not the Booklikes Dashboard to enter though.
OK, I got it to work now. But I confuse easily!
Hmm. I'm on the actual blog post but the link just loops me back into this blog post.
Yeah, that was my problem. You need to hit the "enter by facebook" or "enter email" thing in the block under "enter this contest."
Aha! Thank you!
Degrees of Affection 4 years ago
Thank you for offering this! Your designs are lovely!
They are indeed.
Parajunkee 4 years ago
Thank you!