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...Bookfanatic 3 years ago
Hi Patty, I'm not sure how long it's been since you read them but if it's been awhile you may enjoy the last book more reading the whole series again. Honestly I just read them all for the first time and even though the first third or so of book 1 had me wondering what all the todo about these books was it, I found it to be a solid story it just wasn't coming off as amazing I still had no trouble wanting to read it and somewhere around the middle of book 1 I was sucked right in, but if the first two books still feel fairly fresh in your mind and you're feeling cloudy on any of the details. I'd go for it. I often read the next book in a series without re-reading previous books. I tend to read a lot of series and I'd probably be doing a whole lot more re-reading than do otherwise. Good luck and I really hope you enjoy it.
PattysPlayHouse 3 years ago
Its been since September of 2014 since I've read them. Yes I think I'm going to do a re-read. It took me a while to really start the first book. I'd start it then put it down, then pick it up again a few weeks later, only to do it over and over again. Once I just got it into my head and read it, I was hooked.
...Bookfanatic 3 years ago
Maybe it'll be easier this time because you know it's going to be addictive :-)