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True, when we help the least of our fellow citizens, we help improve the kind of communities we build.
kavalessand 9 years ago
Raising the confidence of people who are otherwise socially and economically challenged helps to make us, as well as they themselves, accept that we all have certain limitations in life.
kavalessand 9 years ago
Many of us take for granted certain basic skills and abilities that a few do not have. Until we experience a kind of certain disability, whether permanent or temporary, we will not appreciate what groups such as Corliss is doing for society. Kudos to Corliss!
In our own limited ways, we can minimize the burdens of others who have specialized needs. When architects started putting up ramps or parking spaces for people in wheelchairs, we became aware of the specialized needs of others. This website should make more people
aware and sensitive to the difficulties that others encounter.
A society is made up of various individuals with unique needs. Some have "special" needs that require more specialized attention. Glad to know some people are addressing those needs.