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Wow, that's quite a list ... and the year isn't even over yet. Congratulations, this looks awesome!
Peregrinations 1 year ago
Thanks--and thanks to audiobooks.
Yes, audiobooks have turned out a huge boost to my book consumption this year, too. Can't think why I never really tried them before ...!
Peregrinations 1 year ago
I think it is because bibliophiles have a lot of trouble letting go of the written word and of putting eyeball to text. Perhaps we are afraid we will lose something or that listening somehow takes away from the act of reading. I don't know.
It isn't that for me -- I don't mind screen adaptations if they're well done, and a screen adaptation takes me even further from the printed page than an audiobook, because it almost invariably must leave out stuff that doesn't easily translate to the screen narrative (even if it's just minor details), and it's *definitely* also an interpretation of the plotline, not merely of the characters, whereas a word-by-word unabridged audio narration will faithfully reproduce the written word (and hence, the plotline), even if it may (or even should) include the narrator's vocal interpretation of the characters.

It's much simpler in my case, actually. Call me old school, but I prefer to own physical editions of the books I own, so for audiobooks that means acquiring an audio CD version -- and those, when sold new, are simply above and beyond what I am willing to pay for any book, with just perhaps the occasional exception of a rare first hardcover edition. It's really only recently that I've come to find out which used book sellers to trust with used audio CD purchases -- and I've changed my approach to audiobooks as my faith in certain sellers grew. (And yes, I now do have an Audible account, too, but Audible to me is merely a supplement, not something I'd ever want to rely on exclusively.)
Portable Mistletoe 1 year ago
I'm the same way about wanting to own the books that I really enjoyed, so with audio versions, it usually means I will purchase the hardcover edition of an audio that I loved. I might also use an Audible credit to buy an audiobook that I borrowed from the library, if I will want to listen to it more than once. But I've found that ripped mp3 copies from physical CDs of audiobooks tend to be a poorer quality than the Audible download, so I've gradually been letting go of the need to own the physical copy of the audiobook.