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Person Of Interest 11 months ago
I spent way too much time picking two titles from the offerings this time. I finally got Christie's 'And Then There Were None' and the Genghis Khan non-fiction book.
Peregrinations 11 months ago
ATTWN would have been a no-brainer if I didn't already own it.
BrokenTune 11 months ago
Nice! Looking forward to how you're liking the RBG book. This is the book I eyed up after the last RBG book was such a disappointment.
Peregrinations 11 months ago
I actually don't have great expectations of the book and don't expect it to be much more than a three star read (i.e., neither here nor there, middle of the road, mediocre, et al.)
Peregrinations 11 months ago
First reaction: Fangirls. The voice is all wrong--both the tone of the writing and the timbre of the voice of the woman who is narrating the audio. Where is the gravitas?