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BrokenTune 10 months ago
Hooray! It's great that you're joining us. And even better that you're enjoying the book so far.
How does the book overlap with the lecture series?
Peregrinations 10 months ago
Time period. Developments in technology. General idea of a world on the brink of some cataclysmic changes.
Murder by Death 10 months ago
Woo! Welcome!

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the audio because I'm very tempted to listen to this after I've finished reading it.

Participation is easy and no-stress; you can post updates with your thoughts here as a post and/or in the book club discussions (which I broke into 5 different discussion threads just to make it easier to follow the comments). We'd love to hear from you, but there's no pressure to do so. :)
Peregrinations 10 months ago
You know I'll speak up if I have something say.
Murder by Death 10 months ago
I look forward to it! :D