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I always wonder at that. I tend to ignore most of my followers, unless they're someone who I've read before, or know from somewhere else. I know that sounds cold, but I can't think of any other way to say it.
My Reading Nook 5 years ago
I can't say I was paying them any mind either, but my follower #s kept going up. Nothing wrong with keeping it to those you know. In the beginning I was checking who the followers were by going to their page and I didnt auto-follow them, but once the number rose to 100+, i couldn't keep up with the influx.
I do that fairly regularly. But yeah, lots of fake accounts. Though I see bunches of accounts that auto-follow when they first open it. I'm not sure how BL assigns which accounts they auto-follow.
My Reading Nook 5 years ago
I had almost 300 followers. What piqued my curiosity was that the same people comment/like my posts daily so where are all these followers? I'll continue doing a sweep periodically now that I know what's going on.
Tackling Mt. TBR 5 years ago
I almost never check my followers. Usually when I get a legitimate follower, Booklikes sends me an email. I have no idea about the others, but I'm not sure I want to dedicate the time to blocking all of them.
My Reading Nook 5 years ago
I don't care much about the users who've abandoned their accounts but phishing can be a problem so I'm glad I took the time.