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I really liked this so I re-blogged. Hope that's okay Lol? I'm new here.
Definitely okay! Thank you!
Bookworm Dreams 6 years ago
I'm intrigued how Jamie McGuire/zombies combination will turn out to be. Definitely reading this in October. :)
It's a good Halloween read, that's for sure!
Jessica (HDB) 6 years ago
Great review! I'm going to have to give this one a shot I think :)
Do it! Great for October :)
caethesfaron 6 years ago
Zombies aren't my thing, but I'm in love with this cover. I keep scrolling back to it. Maybe I'll have to give zombies a shot...
What I love about zombie/apocalyptic novels like this is that it's not really about the zombies... It's really about how people change and come together when the world goes to hell... I hope you give it a shot and I realllly hope you like it!
I wonder if it's on audio?