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We've got a smallish group reading classic crime here on booklikes - if you're interested in checking out the Detection Club. I've read, at this point, 3 Miss Silver mysteries including Grey Mask. The others are Poison in the Pen and Latter End. I didn't love Grey Mask (Wentworth, like Christie, struggles with the international criminal mastermind plot, IMO) but I liked Poison in the Pen and really liked Latter End.

Anyway, you can find the group here:

If you want to join us! And it's great to see you back on Booklikes!
Thanks for the heads-up! I'm reading an Inspector Felse novel, FALLEN INTO THE PIT.
Yes ... come to think of it, MR, Ellis Peters's Felse novels should probably also be mentioned in response to your Detection Club question about authors in "classic crime" mode not covered by Martin Edwards. In fact, her complete Felse series had been on my TBR for a while and was one of my first purchases after having finished the two Edwards books!