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Derrolyn Anderson 10 years ago
Love it, and it's so true! Aging sucks, but when I consider all the people I've known who have been denied the privilege, I realize that we all must do the best we can with the time we have.
I so agree!
Jamie's Book Blog 10 years ago
For me I actually like aging. I didn't care much for myself when I was younger, was horribly shy and had a lot of depression. Self medicated and all that. Nothing but bad memories. I'm just super happy I survived it all and have come to care about myself. Even with all the mistakes I made I don't think I'd trade any of them since it led me to here. Going to make this next year even better than the last and try to never look back. Of course aging has some negatives too lol. And knowing that so many people who loved their lives/life/themselves didn't make it to my age makes me feel horrible. I just don't want to waste my time or life anymore and feel very privileged to still be here. I will say it's very nice to finally have dreams and goals along with the confidence to finally make them real.
My heartiest congratulations, Jamie. You've come through to the better half of being alive! Being yourself.
Jamie's Book Blog 10 years ago
Thank you so much :) Even though I have a long way to go like with a career, school (need to go back), etc. I just really feel like the hardest parts are behind me and in all the way's that truly matter I'm very happy where I am today :)