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BrokenTune 4 years ago
Wow. When can I move in?
When they carry me out feet-first.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
These are your digs? Where's the coffee?
Only in my dreams. *sigh*
Give me just that room, a hideaway bed and a nice kitchen off to the side, and I'm set for life. Of course, I'd have to wait for all the kids to move out. And get my wife's approval. :)
Time takes care of the first. It's the second that can get...tricky.
So I'd have to add a sewing room big enough to house our piano, as well. She wants a sewing room and can't live without the piano. Seriously, I think it would break her heart to lose her piano. And she's damn good at playing it, too!
Sounds like this bachelor pad needs to be attached to a house with a wife, a piano, and a sewing room, and what the heck, throw in 3-5 bedrooms because the kids will present you with grandchildren before you know it (trust me on this), and you'll need a man-cave with a home theater...I'd say 10,000sq ft should do ya.
Sorry, kids and grandkids will have to sleep in tents, seeing that I'm going to build my little shanty somewhere in the Cotswolds and don't want to spoil the view with a big house.

A man can dream, can't he?
You're married. That question is, as phrased, silliness given that you're married. The happiest dream of all, permaybehaps, being that you're steering this galleon!
True! As always, Richard, I love your insights! :)
Hard won. I had a mother, a stepmother, two sisters, three stepsisters, two adoptive sisters, two wives, and a daughter, and not one happy marriage among the heterozexual ones. I am so over the female principle. Seen it once or twice too often to fall for it again.