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Oh no, don't list that! Last time someone listed that thing I ended up "Just one more list!"-ing until like three in the morning. Those things are weirdly addictive.
Sorry, I thought it would make it easier instead of compiling the list since it existed. I won't do anymore here, though.
I was (mostly...) teasing. ;)

Though now I'm over there playing again, admittedly. :x
Heh. I'm reading through everything Marvel, so... I'm on that kick right now :D
Rosie's Books 3 years ago
I love listchallenges but as Primroses commented it can be "weirdly addictive". It easier to just go over listchallenges but then I tend to go back and forth and if the list is here I can view if I have read a particular book or not (seeing the green line on the left can be so calming lol). I know I will not finish every book in the list simply because I am only interested in reading some of the books on it.
That's why I never started the Rory Gilmore challenge!
Rosie's Books 3 years ago
Haha, I totally understand.
I love book lists, too!

I never follow book lists.

I can't, and I won't, and I can barely manage the "hey, here's a bunch of prompts, pick one and read one book this month that follows it" challenge I am currently participating in. I just...don't like guided reading. I can't even follow my own vague plans of "Oh, I should read some horror novels for Halloween" most of the time. :x

I am out of school, and as far as I am concerned that means I can read what I want when I want. I am firmly in support of everything you said here. My TBR list is a list of stuff I don't want to forget I was interested in. It's so big I just sort of go to a page and look to see if something interesting pops out. ;)
Rosie's Books 3 years ago
I completely agree Primroses, I don't like and have never liked "guided reading". This is one of the reasons I can be so awful at keeping up when joining a book club, if I keep up at all lol.
Flicker Reads 3 years ago
Nice thoughts, Rosie.
Rosie's Books 3 years ago
Thank you Flicker Reads.