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Sarah's Library 2 years ago
Book Cupidity 2 years ago
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! *claps enthusiastically* The barn raising scene is so awesome!!

I didn't watch the Exorcist until I was 20 or something like that and had to watch it in three parts. When it got too scary, had to turn it off and wait until another night to watch more. I am glad it made your list! It was one of the ones I thought should make someone's list!
Sarah's Library 2 years ago
The second time I watched it I fell asleep in the middle. Scary has to be really scary to actually bother me and that usually means it needs to play on an actual fear I have (I don't believe in the devil or demons so the idea of a Ouija board conjuring one didn't bother me, in fact the scariest scene in the movie for me was when she was in the hospital going through the spinal tap, I have a terminal fear of needles) - Arachnophobia for example scared the hell out of me and gave my brother the chance to scare a blood-curdling scream out of me while I was watching it.
Olga Godim 2 years ago
Nice selection.