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Oh, that "midnight surfer" sounds like a major pain in the neck. Did you ever find out who it was -- whether your devices had been hacked?

Though the sewing project that came out of it sounds wonderful. (Pictures when it's done, please?) And 24-hour time brackets are overrated anyway ... :D
Sarah's Library 2 years ago
Not definitively. We had every single device capable of connecting to the Internet off and it was still happening, then we changed the wifi password and suddenly no further midnight usage. That's as close to 'proof' as we got.
Well, who- / whatever it was, I hope you got rid of them for good!
Sarah's Library 2 years ago
Yes, us too. We will now be frequently checking our data usage to make sure there are no further anomalies.
... and at least you got a lot of (mostly) great reading out of it ...
Sarah's Library 2 years ago
And I got the chance to rediscover my love of cross stitch. I will definitely post pictures of it before it goes to its new home with my aunt as her birthday present.
Oooh, it's going to be a gift -- lovely!!
Char's Horror Corner 2 years ago
I love cross-stitch, I want to see it too!
Sarah's Library 2 years ago
I will definitely post a photo. :)
Sarah's Library 2 years ago
It is pretty epic, considering most of my other cross stitch projects are individual book marks this is equal in size to about 20 bookmarks.