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Litchick's Hit List 10 years ago about all her previous bad behavior? Because she has a history of addressing the issues reviewers had with her books in a not so...calm manner this sort of makes me uncomfortable. It seems like she's still trying to convince you of something here.
Scott Reads It! 10 years ago
I did call her out on a scene that I didn't enjoy and she did handle it appropriately. I know about her past history with other reviews, but there's always turning over a new leaf. She seemed pretty nice and polite to me, I think maybe she realized she made a mistake w/ that other reviewer.
Scott Reads It! 10 years ago
Actually after rereading some of the past things she said, I'm not so keen on reading this after all.
Great Imaginations 10 years ago
She just attacked a few bloggers via Twitter a couple of months ago, siding with a blogger that trolled me and saying reviewers should not request ARCs from publishers. She is clueless and she has learned nothing from her past mistakes. She was also nasty at an author event I went to this past June. Not a nice person.
I wholeheartedly believe in giving people second chances if they truly change and realize and recognize their past mistakes, but the fact she'd did that...yeah. Lesson not learned. And honestly the comment she makes to you, Scott, in the second tweet made me really uncomfortable. "The worst humans survive disasters?" I'm not sure if that has context to the book you read from her, but that sort of creeps me out and offends me. I guess she meant that in the aftermath of surviving a disaster, there are some cruel people who will take resources for themselves from others in order to survive, but that's a really weird way to say such, and it belittles the people who are survivors that help others to survive along with them, and are good people.
Scott Reads It! 10 years ago
This was apart of a conversation, Rose and I neglected to show the final tweet, in which she rephrased her statement.
Scott Reads It! 10 years ago
The more I hear about McGuire, the less I feel as if these tweets were sincere.
Errrr, maybe she learned the hard way. She always loved those who loved her and her characters. But the negative reviewers not so much. She used to scream at reviewers for not 'getting' her characters.