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Bookloving writer 4 years ago
Now that you mention it, I remember I thought the characters were hard to figure out. Plus you can't really tell if 'Marion' is a man or a woman (but I'm guessing a man, since he's so old, and women probably didn't become senior policer officers back then). But overall, I love these books. In Swedish I think book 1 was about a lady in a green coat. Maybe they're publishing them out of order in English?
sensitivemuse 4 years ago
Yes they are! not sure why that is. I wish they would start from book 1 you'll never know how much background information is missing.

As to Marion...I'm guessing a man. :)

Characters were hard to follow as their names started to sound the same after a while! thankfully there wasn't too many to juggle around. Imagine if it had a bigger cast?