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Debbie's Spurts 10 years ago
For book cataloging/organizing (particularly if you like tracking specific editions), it's not there yet but promises have been made. Nothing you are overlooking by being new.

A few tips that helped me:

When searching a book on your shelves doesn't work -- don't trust that. Click "shelf" on top menu bar, go to table view, sort by title or author and bloody well look. If you have a lot of pages, click any page other than 1 and look at the url. By overwriting the very last number (the page number) you can "goto" a specific page instead of endlessly hitting next. For example, ""; is page 24 of my books so I can replace the 24 with 4 or 312 to get to those respective pages.

Put a unique tag on your reviews. Just makes them way easier to find again from dashboard and blog searches (for example, I use "Reviews from Spurts"; another friend tried just their three initials at first and that brought up way too many results when searching so try a longish and uncommon phrase - no apostrophes or commas as those do odder things in tags ). That also means, in my case, that " from Spurts " will list all my reviews (or yours if you replace my unique tag with yours).

A good staring point for learning booklikes I think is the tutorial series (lots of good screenshots) at