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6 years ago
Did I put on purple tinted reading glasses or is that just the prose?
Considering that there is plenty more where these came from... Yeah I am going with the prose. And this is also another example of sex getting in a way of the story IMO. Dudes I get it you discovered you are soulmates ( would be nice to see what else you see in each other but whatevers), but maybe every time you see each other you don't have to jump each other. I mean they do investigate don't get me wrong but I felt like it was taking place in the intervals between sex and not vice versa. Too much, too purple.
Ami's Hoard 5 years ago
URGH the instant love (or at least lust?) irked me that I couldn't finish this. AT ALL. Glad to know that I don't really miss anything with the purple prose as well.
Nope as far as I am concerned you have not missed anything indeed :)