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I did, I definitely did, thanks so much for the recommendation. I cannot say that I was as happy with the ending as you did though - not because how it made characters look, but too many questions unanswered. In fact maybe you can help - so what happened to Fiona? Was it ever answered?

I just do not feel that in the mystery, if one does not intend a sequel questions like this should be left unanswered. I do not mind open ending to decide how dark the characters are, but want answers like this.
AHA. See I have not watched "Last seduction" - now I can see how this could be left ambiguous on purpose. I guess we will see if the sequel will shows up or not.
Ami's Hoard 6 years ago
Kate is a tough critic?? Using Phoebe's tone, "It's a BRAND NEW INFORMATION"
Heeeeeee, well in my defense I rarely caught her reviews on Good reads, only started reading her on the regular basis here :). So was not that familiar with her style :)